It depends on your project. Our best selling rope is the 5mm 3-ply twisted cotton rope. We love it because it is easy to work with, is extremely strong and durable, and unravels at the ends to make a really lovely fringe. 

Our string is another great material. It is a bit less sturdy than the rope, so you might not want to make furniture out of it, but this material is much softer on the hands. Our string is also great for other crafts such as knitting, weaving, jewelry making, and more. 

The terms are definitely interchanged often and there isn’t a huge difference. Cord is a more overarching term that can be applied to a variety of materials that come in long strands. They may or may not be twisted, braided, or woven. Rope falls under the category of cord and involves many fibers being twisted, braided, or woven together to create a workable cord. We use 3-ply twisted ropes for our 5mm and up, 2-ply twisted ropes for our thinner 3mm ropes, and our string is made of 1 strand of twisted fibers.

In our upcoming book, we differentiate ropes as being the material before it is cut, and cords as the material after it is cut, as in your «working cords» or «filler cords» for when you are making your project. Otherwise it is just up to you what you want to call it!